A loyal, long-term relationship with many of our employees, based on the values of commitment, diversity, relevance and unity.

What characterises Armatis is our ability to be flexible and to allow people to change jobs, to progress or to create diverse and varied skills within the company.

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Commitment & Trust

Accomplishing our missions, guided by the challenges of our partners.

Because we are convinced that success is as much collective as it is individual, at Armatis, every employee plays a key role in the success of an activity. Our commitment is as much to our partners in achieving the objectives set as it is to our employees in respecting the terms and conditions of employment. These commitments are the key to creating a lasting relationship of trust, uniting all the links in the chain.


Promote our diversity and mobilise our talents in a spirit of benevolence and respect for others.

We apply strict processes from recruitment onwards and throughout an employee’s life, to ensure equal opportunities and fair career paths. On a day-to-day basis, this diversity is reflected in exchanges, initiatives and events on and off our platforms to raise awareness and educate our employees on these issues.


To unite the men and women of Armatis around a common vision.

Our main challenge is to satisfy our end customers. The common denominator of the people who do our jobs and who make up our company is the spirit and sense of service: we like to help others. The men and women of Armatis are determined to move the group forward, whatever the challenges we face, and that’s our greatest strength.